Photo Realism

This is our Modular 3:Advanced Airbrushing Class.

We are the only Uk based airbrushing centre to offer set photorealism tuition.

This is the most in depth class we offer, looking at the most technical and rewarding part of our work, Realism.
As part of this class we give a lecture and seminar on realism, the way we see things, the way our mind works, and how to achieve the effect that people confuse your work with a photograph, although its quite an intense class we always keep the stress to a minimum, and carried out in a light hearted, fun and friendly environment.

This class is for the more experienced artist, or students who have a good working knowledge of the airbrush (minimum
MOD 1 or beginner training)

Here is a brief of this 4 day class.

  • Study your reference correctly
  • Learn how to see the transitions in the painting
  • Transfer them to your painting
  • Advanced techniques to create them

Use of Colour

  • Using opaques and transparents
  • Mixing theory
  • Understanding Light
  • Use light to your advantage
  • Using contrast
  • Focus and blur techniques

Transfering your image

  • Planning your painting
  • Advanced transfer techniques
  • Advanced masking

Of course , this is just the theory side of the class, there is so much more involved in the practical project.

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